Thursday, October 04, 2007

India Calling !

I am going to India after almost 2 years.

All my peers who have gone to Pune recently have said the following :
- Traffic has become worst
- Growth is uncontrolled
- Pollution has reached new levels
- Those @$#^& rickshawallas should be banned
- Inflation is beyond my comprehension
- Had a great time !!

As for the anomaly , its the people and the food !

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ved leaves for India

At O'Hare they were left for the security check while I stood there. And then Ved looked back ! :)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Namesake : Alfie

I was at Patel Brothers (a grocery store in my neighbourhood) the other day and I saw Alfie.The last time I had seen Alfie was in Pune about 3 years ago.After a long 26 years , the ban on his kind was removed by the USDA.

So why did I decide to call 'Alphonso' - THE mango from coastal Maharashtra - Alfie ??

- A box of 9 cost me 35$.
- Alphonso wasn't packed in the traditional wooden box with a lot of dried yellow straws (that's how I remember it !!) The Alfies were placed in a symmetric 3 by 3 matrix in a yellow cardboard box with a white webbed cloth carefully draped around each one.
- And now for the BIG ONE - Nutrient Contents printed on the side of the box

So I thought , Alphonso was Alfie. Well , I was wrong... cause after the first time the juice trickled down my taste buds the heart knew that this was apla Ratnagiri cha Amba!! (I havent tasted any other !)

Things to do in this lifetime - Climb a mango tree in the scorching heat of a Indian May afternoon one more time. As they say...The feat makes the slices sweeter.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Where were you Mr Mistry ???

It was Rishabh who came to my rescue !

If you are on a social sabbatical , the usual protocol is that the society demands an explanation for your absence and sometimes a reason for your return. No , I didnt flunk my exam and run away from home..this sabbatical was the one where I did not blog while I got married , changed a couple of jobs , got to know that I was going to become a father , entered the labour room & became one to a handsome boy just before our first marriage anniversary ! So while I was thinking of a reason for my absence and return , Rishabh introduced me to a refreshingly new communication protocol rarely used in society.

Rishabh is 3 and is just picking up his language skills. He is reached the stage where you just repeat whatever everyone says and the others are supposed to decipher your speech.

So Rishabh kept asking me , " What do you want ? "

I said , "Nothing!"

"What do you want ?"

"Nothing Rishabh beta"

After a few more attempts he went to his mother who understood the protocol pretty well.

"What do you want ?" , Rishabh once again.

"What do you want ?" his mother replied.

"Apple" Rishabh was relieved.

His mother told me , " He cant say 'I want apple'"

Well , Where were you Mr. Mistry ???

Hope to blog regularly !!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Rare revelations

I got married last month.

Much to the dismay of many gamblers, I did so without goofing up. So all those who placed their money on...
1> me freaking out & not turning up OR
2> me misplacing the garland
were pretty disappointed considering that stakes were pretty high when I goofed up
a week before my marriage - I went on stage to congratulate an acquaintance on his wedding and something on the lines of 'Congratulations Pankaj' came out (His name was Ashish). Soon after I did invite Ashish for our wedding , I am wondering why he didn't turn up. Marriage day is also a day before the day you realise that you forgot to invite some people who really should have been there. My sincere apologies for the same.

My wedding was also a hunting ground for the foundation of other marriages like
my friend Tipul who came all the way from San Hosay to ask 'Who's the girl in purple?' before saying 'Congratulations'. A week later when the huge photo albums came in , I even overheard an old aunt who was bride hunting for someone ask ,

'Whos this one in red?'

'Hmmm...The red my WIFE. Thank You Very Much'

Those couple of days were great fun. Before I got married many ideas about post wedding were propagated to freak me out but this one ironically laid all my fears to rest.One said...'Imagine you wake up in the night and there is this girl sleeping next to you'. I imagined and have slept peacefully since.(TT...Not because I am the one who snores).

All said and done , I have one more thing to take care of...Raju.
Brides Wanted: The girl in purple , where are you ?